Morgan Taylor Jones, aka MoJo, was born on April 21, 2004 in The Woodlands, Texas.  At only 28 week gestation, Morgan came into this world weighing only 1 pound 6 ounces.  She proved to be a fighter from day one and was put to the test several times during her first couple of years, always coming out on top!  Morgan’s heart was pure, her smile magnificent, her faith strong, and a personality as sweet as they come. 
In life Morgan surrounded herself with family and friends.  With a joyful disposition and optimistic attitude, she could calm any storm and made it easy to instantly feel drawn towards her.  She found her passion in competitive cheer and was known for her smiles and facials as she performed.  Morgan absolutely adored her Cheergym Texas Thunder teammates, along with others she met throughout her journey.
In September of 2014, at 10 years old, Morgan was struggling to tumble during cheer practice and having some pain in her right side.  The pain would come and go, but nothing very intense and rarely something she complained about.  Morgan began to run an unexplained fever and after several doctor’s visits nothing seemed to improve.  On September 22, 2014 she headed back to the doctor for a chest x-ray, hoping to hear Morgan was suffering from pneumonia and doctors would now know how to treat it.  It was this x-ray that would show a large mass on Morgan’s chest wall and around to her spine, later named “Ralph”.  Through lengthy hospital stays, surgeries, and a few close calls, Morgan’s diagnosis was confirmed as Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor and categorized as a soft tissue sarcoma cancer. 
In true Morgan fashion, she chose to fight Ralph and with her massive team of supporters went to work.  Throughout her battle with cancer, she did not let a day go by that she didn’t put a smile on her face and a bow high on her head.  Morgan was full of #positivemojo and the hashtag caught on quickly with her supporters on social media.
During her battle, she underwent a few more tough surgeries, 28 days of gruesome radiation, and two rounds with different clinical trial chemotherapies.  However, her scans in June of 2015 showed the cancer growing very aggressively and leading doctors around the world to the conclusion there was nothing more that could be done medically for Morgan’s case.  She joined her family at home and was entered into Hospice care.  With family and friends by her side, they made a summer of memories to hold on to.  On August 5, 2015 Morgan passed away surrounded by love and faith. 
MoJo’s Miracle was formed by the family and friends of Morgan as a way to hold MoJo close to their hearts and promote ‪#‎positivemojo to help her memory live on. The organization’s focus is to raise awareness for childhood cancer, promote cancer research, and to provide aid to families affected by cancer.  It is the hope of MoJo’s Miracle to continue Morgan’s inspiration through her legacy.